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Sep. 29th, 2011



Escaping show rehearsal with a truthful but lame excuse to try and finish the translation gig. I feel like that miserable being two winters ago, giving things up that I wanted to do and feeling guilty over it anyway, burning bridges to stay afloat.

Listening to my homework playlist of Beth Orton, HEM and Bach. I haven't done that for quite a long time. The music still unerringly brings me back to the streets of downtown Manhattan after dark. Guilt overlaying homesickness. It has been nine months since I set eyes on New York. I miss it more everyday.

I heard that's how you know if you love something.

Jun. 18th, 2011


Ella Fitzgerald at 3 am

Is just as beautiful in Taiwan as it is in New York.
My midnight oil is burning bright... hope it lasts until daylight, which is in a couple of hours anyway.
Either that or when i finish this ridiculously late translation gig.
which looks to be sometime midday at this point.

Apr. 24th, 2010


random thoughts

 1. The Magnetic Fields' song "Papa was a Rodeo" would make for such an awesome fanfic AU. 
 2. Why does Ryan Ross look Japanese to me? whyyyyyyyyyyy? Like, Japanese-boyband-Japanese. 

Apr. 5th, 2010


going at it backwards

 i stepped into bandom from ai season8.
and then i made a delicious page for it.

i am completely obsessed with a fandom that is by now historical. fate of someone with many distractions. 

Mar. 21st, 2010


hand me my leather


總之 有地方可以說說話還是好的
Tori Amos永遠在我心中哈


Feb. 26th, 2010


(no subject)

I am a little obsessed with the clump of snow on the first step of the fire escape outside my window.

What, it's normal, ok?

It't totally overly fluffy. I don't trust it.


Feb. 8th, 2010


changing references, or, the MCR-fication of me

This morning I re-read Bexless's incomparable crackfic which features Adam as an alien who has to marry simon cowell for a green card.
and at the end of it, where the punchline comes, i found myself humming the American national anthem, which was entirely appropriate.
only instead of the actual tune of the anthem, i hummed Ray Toro's guitar solo in Desolation Row.

grrr.i mean, awesome, but dangerous.

Nov. 14th, 2009



The title looks kinda like a degree program. Well, it ain't, although I'd give a lot to be able to say that I graduated from Columbia University with a BMFA in theatre.


I did. His/her name is ________. XD

Nov. 10th, 2009



Ok, so maybe I really love Hedwig and the Angry Inch.
A few notes on Curse of the Starving Class:
1. Seeing the production tonight reminded me just how much I dislike Sam Shepard. Seriously. His stuff is just so unnecessarily masculine. Also, he has a way of creating sad, crazy characters and then positioning the audience to laugh/cry at the characters instead of with them. There's an implicit air of superiority somehow, which just bugs me to no end. Or maybe I am just crazy.
2. The production was a bit overwrought and the acting wasn't very good. I would blame the director most of all. The mom's shaky twitchy stagey body language is definitely the director's fault. The actor was very committed to it, but should have been toned down or given a different focus. And the projection didn't quite work. And I was really confused about the indoor/outdoor nature of the kitchen. Also, the way the actors exit (stage right/through door) was inconsistent in terms of use of space. The director needed a dramaturg.
I should probably stop before someone stumbles upon this journal and figure out who I am.

Oct. 7th, 2009



I have given up on being nice. I have no sense of responsibility. I should be ashamed of myself. I am ashamed of myself. I hope things blow up in my face. what the fuck is wrong with me? OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHH angst.

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